Haberdashers Federation

Financial Support

There are three types of funding available to those pursuing Unsalaried courses.

In some circumstances, trainees may be eligible to receive all three.

Find out about financial support if you’re from outside the UK.


School Direct Salaried course and Apprenticeship cost breakdown

Those on Salaried courses or Apprenticeships are not eligible for these means of financial support, as your tuition fees will be covered either by the School or the Apprenticeship Levy.


You will be paid a salary in accordance with the unqualified teachers pay scale ( the exact amount to be determind by the school you are placed in).

Bursary or Scholarship  

Applicants with a degree of 2:2 or above in any subject may be eligible to receive a bursary or scholarship.

Learn more about the bursary and scholarship offer for 2021-22 (this applies to certain subjects, which change year on year so we recommend you check this out).

While you must apply directly to the relevant professional body for scholarships, you do not need to apply for a bursary. Eligible trainees enrolled on a non-salaried course will begin receiving payments automatically.

Find out about eligibility and how you’ll be paid.


Additional cost: PGCE

Please note if you wish to obtain a PGCE alongside your QTS you will have to pay an additional fee of £625 ( this is the case if you are on either school direct route or the apprenticeship programme).