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Thank you for being a valued supplier of Haberdashers ACADEMIES Trust.

The Trust approach all purchasing with the aim of the best value for money. This section outlines the general expectations around how we work with suppliers and the legislation and regulations the Trust must follow when buying goods, services and works.

The schools of the Trust are:

  • Borough Academy
  • Crayford Academy 
  • Crayford Temple Grove 
  • Hatcham College
  • Hatcham Temple Grove
  • Hatcham Temple Grove Free School 
  • Knights Academy
  • Knights Temple Grove
  • Slade Green Temple Grove 

Each school/college hold its own budgets and is ultimately responsible for purchasing its own goods and services following the appropriate procurement procedures of the Trust.

Procurement Policy

Public Procurement Legislation

As a Trust, we follow the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 to make sure suppliers are treated equally and fairly. We always aim for best value for money and we expect our supplier base to demonstrate competence, capability and competitiveness and to respect our core values and ethos.

Goods and services contracts over £181,302 and works contracts over £4,551,413 across the total value of the lifetime of the contract, have to be purchased in accord with EU Procurement Directives

The Trust hold a list of preferred suppliers and in the first instance goods and services should be sourced from this list. The Trust is also aware that there might be suppliers in the market that can provide be value for money on purchases.

The Trust also utilises a number of purchasing consortia, such as;

  • the Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC)
  • the Crown Commercial Services (CCS),
  • the ESFA Schools Buying Hub

amongst others and we encourage our staff to use suppliers available through these consortia’s framework agreements.

Quotes and Tenders

In accordance with the Procurement Policy of the Trust, the Trust will obtain three (3) written quotations or invite tenders for contracts up to a £25,000 in value, whichever is appropriate.

For contracts of over £25,000, tenders are invited or a “mini-competition” is held between suppliers available to the Trust.

More details on the Trust’s tendering process can be provided upon request.


  • All purchases must be covered by a Purchase Order number. Suppliers should never accept a request for goods, works or services without a valid Haberdashers Aske’s Federation Trust Purchase Order, this is usually sent by email.
  • Purchase orders from the Trust will clearly state the goods or services required, quantity and price. The delivery and invoice addresses may be different but this will be clearly marked.
  • Only invoice when you have received a purchase order and have supplied the goods and/or services.
  • Each purchase orders will quote your unique Supplier number, if you need to contact us you should quote this number.
  • The Trust operates a policy that prevents invoice payments where a valid purchase order number does not exist.


  • Your invoices should quote a valid purchase order number, your full business name and address and full details of what has been supplied. Without a purchase order number your invoice can not be processed.
  • All invoices must be sent to the ‘Invoice to’ address shown on the purchase order. We prefer emailed copies of invoices to the email address stated on the purchase order.
  • All invoices are paid via bank transfer.
  • If you have any queries regarding an outstanding invoice, contact the respective school shown on the purchase order.

Payment terms

  • As a public sector organisation, the Trust operates a 30 day payment terms from the date the invoice is received by the accounts office of the School/College and is accepted as valid and undisputed. 
  • Any other payment terms must be discussed and agreed by the Finance Director of the Trust.
  • The Terms and Conditions of Contract below are those conditions which cover all Purchase Orders for any goods, works or services purchased by Haberdashers’ Aske’s Federation Trust.
  • These Terms and Conditions may only be varied by amendments agreed in writing by the Finance Director of the Trust or as stated on the Purchase Order; these are the only amendments the Trust will accept.
  • Any Purchase Order placed by the Trust is conditional upon acceptance of these terms and conditions by the Supplier.
  • Our bi-weekly BACS run is carried out on Wednesday and funds to clear in supplier’s bank account by Monday of the following week.

If a payment has been made to your bank account you will receive a remittance advice regarding this payment. Remittance advices are sent by email to the email address provided to Accounts Payable.

IR35 tax regulation and off-payroll workers

  • We are responsible for making sure that individuals working with us through their own limited company (known as a personal service company or PSC) pay the right amount of tax and NI.
  • IR35 Tax Legislation states that where an individual offers services through a company (self-employed and PSC) and the nature of the relationship is more akin to an employee, then the individual should be taxed and pay national insurance as if they were an employee. In this case the individual will be put on the payroll and paid through PAYE, If the nature of the work is truly self-employed, then we can pay via our standard procurement process (e.g. invoice).
  • An employment status check will be undertaken to determine the status of a worker.
  • If you are a personal service company and believe you are affected by the IR35 rules, please tell your contact at the Trust before you start delivering services.

More information on IR35 and off-payroll worker can be found on the HRMC website

Data protection

As our supplier, you should be aware of our obligations and responsibilities under the Data Protection Act 2018 and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

As an organisation we have to maintain records of what personal data we hold, what we do with it and when we delete it. We also have to demonstrate how we keep personal data safe. We also need to make sure that you, as our supplier also maintains these standards whenever you handle sensitive data as part of your contract.

Further Queries

If you have any questions that are not answered on this page, please email our central finance team


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