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Thank you for your interest in joining our Haberdashers’ family. We are proud to be a collaborative, values-led organisation committed to giving children and young people the best chance at happy, successful futures.

We are a family of schools that strives for excellence in everything we do. We help every pupil achieve their full potential, no matter their background. We support our staff to grow and advance in their careers. We collaborate with partners to enrich the communities we serve.

Join us at Haberdashers' Academies South Trust, where your school's journey will be championed by a storied and forward-looking legacy, where success is shared, and excellence is a collective pursuit. 

Why Haberdashers?

 History, Culture & Networks

Our Trust stems from the Worshipful Company of Haberdashers’ vision to provide opportunities for all children to be educated. We have been providing high-quality education since 1876, and all of our schools are proud to continue that legacy to prepare our young people for an ever-changing future.  

Our Trust has many opportunities to collaborate with the wider family of 19 Haberdashers’ schools, which are spread across the UK. Every pupil becomes a lifetime member of the Haberdashers’ family where they benefit from unrivalled networking and support opportunities.  

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 Haberdashers' Advantage

The Haberdashers’ Advantage is our unique character education curriculum, which provides intentional opportunities for positive character traits to be taught, caught, and sought and is made possible by our important historic partnerships.

Character development through the Haberdashers' Advantage programme supports our pupils to be more confident and prepared for their future education and employment journeys . 

We have a special relationship with the Haberdashers’ Company and other key organisations that enables our children to experience meaningful, exciting and special opportunities that will stay with them for many years to come. 


 Professional Learning

The Habs Institute for Professional Learning is our dedicated training and development arm through which we provide a progressive, rewarding and engaging professional learning offer. This includes NQT training, leadership development, networking opportunities and more to help drive school improvement and provide pupils with the best possible outcomes.  

We take seriously our role in promoting teaching as a career and recruiting trainee teachers. Habs Institute manage this for our Trust, ensuring we have a quality and committed cohort of trainee teachers each year.  

 School Improvement

Our vision is for every school to be an excellent school. Our detailed School Improvement Strategy and Excellence Framework outlines our collaborative approach to continuous improvement.

We believe that ‘everything works somewhere and nothing works everywhere’.

Therefore, we have a shared agreement and understanding of where schools have autonomy, where there is alignment and where there is standardisation, allowing each school to become the very best it can be.  




Expert Hub 

At the Trust, our leaders are given the power to guide their schools with autonomy, adapting the curriculum and policies to fit their specific context, with the backing of the Haberdashers' Advantage— our character curriculum that has been our trademark for centuries.

Our Expert Hub exists to support school autonomy with a robust framework that empowers school leaders to focus on what matters most - inspiring young minds and delivering excellent outcomes for all pupils.   

Schools can draw on the support and expertise from our in-house experts from the fields of finance, technology and infrastructure, estates, governance, compliance and HR. Additionally, our educational specialists, with their expertise in school improvement and data and insights, ensure that continuous improvement is not just a concept, but a lived reality, enabling our schools to thrive academically and operationally.

Together, we are dedicated to making every school an excellent school.

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