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Join our Trust: Haberdashers' Advantage

The funding and opportunities for students and staff that stem from our connection with our sponsors, The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers and the Temple Grove Schools Trust (for our primary school sponsors), means belonging to a lifelong network and family of Haberdashers' schools and alumni.  

From the character curriculum our students have access to from Early Years and all through their school life, to scholarships our secondary pupils can access to give them a positive start to university life, to careers opportunities and more; learn more about this unique advantage our schools enjoy. 

  • Funding 
    Our sponsors are a huge part of the culture within our Trust and our schools. The links with both of our sponsors are a unique and special part of what makes Haberdashers’ Trust and our schools what they are today. The funding support they provide means our schools can access and develop their school buildings, equipment and of course opportunities for pupils and staff to grow and develop in and out of the classroom 
  • All-through school journey  
    We operate an all-through school journey so that pupils can join us from the age of 3 and stay with us until they are ready for their next steps beyond school at 18. We believe this continuity throughout their school journey offers our pupils a sense of belonging and confidence that gives them an advantage as they grow, develop and achieve as a Haberdashers' pupil. 
  • Character Curriculum 
    Students at Haberdashers' schools experience a Character Education curriculum from Early Years to Year 13 that will give them an advantage in life. Through the Haberdashers' Advantage programme, opportunities for developing individuals with character can be taught, caught and sought in our schools. Taught because pupils need to learn directly about character strengths and virtues, and to be given opportunities to practice them. Caught because pupils need to be exposed to the concepts and language of character throughout their experience of school. 
  • Partnerships, networks and opportunities  
    Through the Haberdashers' Company, Temple Grove Schools Trust and industry links that these organisations offer, in addition to the valued partners we work with, we are able to offer staff, students and families unique opportunities that further enhance their experience with us. Ranging from careers support and work experience to access to professional networks and social action programmes, the opportunities are endless. 

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