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EDI Statement of Intent

We are very proud to have developed and launched our EDI Statement of Intent.

This paper is our call to action. It is not a comprehensive strategy - we will build this together as a strong community and family of schools- but it paints a picture of the organisation we want to become.

2020 was a turning point in discussions about race, which has acted as a catalyst for a broader public conversation about universal equality.

The threat to the life chances of young people affected by the pandemic this year has also reinforced the need for such a conversation. Equality and fairness across the Federation is an ongoing priority for us. Internal discussions this summer highlighted a need to better understand lived experiences for our staff, pupils, parents and communities, in order to uphold our values. This is a response to that need and outlines our commitment to being truly diverse and inclusive. All stakeholders will be involved in its development and in its implementation. 

Find out more and read the full statement of intent here:



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