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Inspiring Careers Day Line up for Borough Students

Inspiring Line up for Borough Academy's Careers Day for Year 9 students

Year 9 students get a glimpse into surprising and inspiring career paths

Many students probably feel like they should get into careers that pay well or are seen to be the most respected. So, it might have come as a shock to some of them when, at their Careers Day in November, they got to hear from some high-flyers in jobs and industries they weren't expecting. Take a look at the Career's Day film below to find out more. 

Borough Academy's Year 9 students heard from 32 accomplished and inspiring guests, including Hollywood actor Jason Isaacs joining online from Los Angeles. Each student participated in 4 workshops of their own choosing and the year group came together at the end for key note address by Hashi Mohamed - a barrister, broadcaster and author.

It was a brilliant day with great feedback from students and teachers alike. 

Something that inspired me was seeing all of these different people who instead of going for what pays the most, they went for what they enjoy the most. It shows you can find work that's fun and enjoyable and make a living from doing that.

- Borough Year  9 student 


I think Careers Day is really important for students our age because instead of thinking you should just focus on one job or career path, you get detailed insight into a range of jobs and understand what they do. 

- Borough Year 9 student

From the creative and charity sectors to law and politics, construction, engineering and architecture as well as theatre, acting and music, the day was a fantastic showcase of different talents, interests and options to inspire our Year 9s. Finishing with a truly thought-provoking closing key note session by Hashi Mohamed, the day was a great success. 

Career's Day was an opportunity for our student community to meet accomplished and inspiring professionals from a wide range of sectors. It was important that our students saw themselves represented and therefore raised aspirations for all. The day opened the eyes of our young people to many worlds of work which they didn't know existed. It helped them understand that it takes time and determination to get where you want to go and that there will be setbacks along the way which require resilience. The day filled the students with energy and motivation and made them reflect on their values as regards choosing a career path. 

- Borough Careers Team 

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