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Our Schools

Our Schools

Our Primaries 


Crayford temple Grove


Iron Mill Lane, Crayford, Kent DA1 4RS  www.habscrayfordtg.org.uk


Crayford Temple Grove is a one- form entry school at the heart of its community. We are proud of our values and inclusivity. 

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slade green temple Grove 


Chrome Road, Slade Green, Erith, Kent DA8 2EL                                                              www.habssladegreentg.org.uk


Slade Green Temple Grove is our newest primary school boasting a vast outdoor space and a brand new nursery opening in 2022.

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Hatcham Temple Grove             


Hunsdon Road, London SE14 5RD  www.habshatchamtg.org.uk


Hatcham Temple Grove is a vibrant two-form entry school in New Cross. We are proud of our fantastic enrichment opportunities.  

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Hatcham Temple Grove Free School       


Peyps Road, London SE14 5EF  www.habshatchamtgfree.org.uk



Hatcham Temple Grove Free School is an 'Outstanding' primary school next to Hatcham College. We are proud to offer a fantastic languages curriculum.   

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Knights Temple Grove


Ballamore Road, Bromley, Kent BR1 5LW  www.habsknightstg.org.uk


Knights Temple Grove is a small, diverse and vibrant school. We are proud to serve and represent our community.

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Our Secondaries


Borough Academy


24 Sawyer Street, London SE1 0EQ  www.habsborough.org.uk


Borough Academy is our most recently established secondary. It boasts brand new facilities and we are proud of our passion for the arts and enrichment opportunities.

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Crayford academy


Iron Mill Lane, Crayford, Kent DA1 4RS  www.habscrayford.org.uk


Crayford Academy is a large secondary and sixth form serving its local community. We are proud of the support and enrichment opportunities that we offer.

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hatcham college       


Jerningham Road, London, SE14 5NY (Yr 7-9); Peyps Road, London, SE14 5SF (Yr 10-13)                                      www.habshatcham.org.uk


Hatcham College is at the heart of the New Cross community. We are proud of our academic achievement and co-curricular opportunities.


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Knights academy


Launcelot Road, Bromley, Kent BR1 5EB  www.habsknights.org.uk


Knights Academy has a vibrant and diverse school community boasting recently renovated 6th form facilities. We are proud to offer an inspiring Science curriculum.

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