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Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors


Our sponsors are a huge part of the culture within our Trust and our schools. The links with both of our sponsors are a unique and special part of what makes Haberdashers’ Trust and our schools what they are today. 

The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers

Our main sponsor is the Worshipful Company of Haberdashers, one of the Great Twelve Livery Companies of the City of London. Education is hugely important to the Haberdashers’ Company and today there are more than 12,000 children and young people in its’ family of 21 schools. The Haberdashers’ network of maintained and independent schools stretch across the country, covering north London, Shropshire and Monmouth and our own Trust, in south London and Kent. We have regular opportunities to collaborate with the wider network of Haberdashers’ schools on a number of initiatives and events.

The Haberdashers’ Company supports our pupils in many ways. There are a number of educational and careers initiatives that are organised by the Company, such as the Livery Academy Awards, Monmouth - City of London Work Experience, Haberdashers’ Musician of the Year, an annual Year 7 visit to the prestigious Haberdashers’ Hall, cross school sporting competitions, mentoring, trips and much more. Each year, a number of Year 13 pupils receive scholarships that will support them financially through university and the Company fund a number of projects throughout the school year. The relationship with the Haberdashers Company is central to the success of the Haberdashers’ Advantage enrichment programme, and pupils, parents and staff are proud of this relationship.

Each year, a Deputation - a group of representatives, drawn from the Master and Wardens, Liverymen, Freemen and Company Staff - visit the schools. These are important days in our school calendars and allow pupils and staff to showcase the very best of our schools.

The Company's Education Committee maintains close links with the schools and members are a welcome and active presence. The charitable dimension of their work is substantial. The Haberdashers’ Company itself has distributed 241 grants totalling almost £900,000 in the last year alone. Over 150 of those grants went directly to the Haberdashers’ network of schools and their pupils

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Temple Grove Schools Trust

Temple Grove Schools Trust is a charitable trust dedicated to raising standards for primary education. The Trust was founded some 50 years ago and springs from one of the country’s oldest prep schools, Temple Grove founded in 1810. The Trust seeks to provide all children with a breadth and depth of learning opportunities in order to realise individual aspirations and potential.

Our schools are extremely fortunate to have a partnership with the Temple Grove Schools Trust. The schools benefit from bursaries that allow us the opportunity to give our children learning experiences they may not get at other schools; including music lessons, professional coaches and multiple trips. 

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