Haberdashers Federation

Our Vision and Strategy

Our Vision and Strategy

We have been developing our strategies for the next five years to support our vision that ‘Every school an excellent school’.

Our three main objectives are:  

  • Excellent outcomes for all children and young people so that they can be successful in their next steps and future lives; 
  • To be regarded as a great employer, attracting, retaining and developing the best staff; 
  • To be the Trust of choice and a welcome presence in our communities.  

Underpinning these objectives are our ‘big five’ strategies. These are:  

  • School Improvement supported by:  
  • People 
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)  
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing  (currently being developed)
  • Business Sustainability Strategy  

Below you will find links to our School Improvement, People, EDI and Business Sustainability strategies.  

School Improvement

Our School Improvement Model outlines how we will achieve our mission be a group of excellent schools, and for every child and young person in our schools to be successful in their lives. Our strategy is structured around five key drivers of success: Leaders who care, Great people, Powerful knowledge, Individuals with character, and Intelligent insight.  

Read our School Improvement Strategy 


Our People Strategy underpins everything that we do and puts people at the heart of our work. This strategy outlines our approach to people development and people management. It sets out how every one of us can have confidence in the support and opportunities we receive as we strive to be the best that we can be. 

Read our People Strategy

Equality, diversity & inclusion

We have developed an EDI Strategy that encompasses and directs our responsibility to build an organisation which truly values equality and fairness. Our main objectives are to implement our People Strategy; build a culture that creates the conditions for success and reflects what we value; and to achieve success for all through the implementation of The Haberdashers Model.  

Read our EDI Strategy

This strategy should be read in conjunction with our EDI Statement of Intent and EDI Action Plan.

business sustainability

Our Business Sustainability strategy is focused on our business team at central and school level, and will enable us to work efficiently and effectively to provide effective support to schools, maximise the opportunities presented to us and respond with confidence to any challenges which emerge. This strategy will be overseen by the Business Sustainability Executive Group (BSEG).

Read our Business Sustainability Strategy