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The Haberdashers' Advantage

Building character is central to our key purpose of helping our pupils develop into happy, confident, successful individuals who will contribute to making their communities, and the world, a better place.

The Haberdashers’ Advantage means students at our schools will experience a Character Education curriculum from Early Years to Year 13 that will give them an advantage by developing their individual character. 

At Haberdashers Academies Trust South, students from primary to Sixth Form have chances to develop their character meaningfully by participating in the character education curriculum, through the culture of each school, and via experiences that empower them to take ownership and leadership of their future. The structure for the Haberdashers’ Advantage is in the table below.

Taught Caught Sought

One way to develop the character of students is through intentional and planned approaches such as

discreet lessons, assemblies, and embedding character into the curriculum.

E.g., direct teaching in PSHE

curriculum or assemblies

Schools play an important role

in shaping a student’s character.

Teachers consciously act as models for their students to follow.

E.g, exposure to school values

At Haberdashers’ schools, there

are extracurricular activities and

opportunities outside of the regular schedule that enhance students’ overall experiences.

E.g, enrichment activities


At Haberdashers’ Academies Trust South schools, we have intentionally created opportunities for positive character traits to be taught, caught, and sought. This is achieved through direct teaching of character strengths and values and exposure to the concepts and language of character throughout their school experience. In addition, students are encouraged to seek out enrichment activities beyond the academic curriculum to develop their character further. You can find the complete character curriculum on the school website.

Our partnerships with the Worshipful Company of Haberdashers and other important organisations make unique opportunities possible for our students. All our students have access to key experiences that develop their character.

The Haberdashers’ Advantage in action

Annual Youth Conference New Literacy Festival Livery Academy Awards

Working in partnership with our

Youth Advisory Board means

we can use this event to inspire

conversations and drive actions on the issues and interests that matter to our children and young people.

Find out more about last year's Youth Conference themed around sustainability here

A new literacy festival is planned

with various events throughout

the year, such as a spelling bee,

reading clubs, and debating, and

culminating in a celebration of

workshops and activities.


Find out more here.

A special Haberdashers’ Company run event for sixth formers, the Livery Awards are a competition where students pitch a business idea to panel of judges like the TV show “Dragon’s Den”. In 2023, Tim

Campbell MBE was a panel judge.

In 2023 Knights Academy made it through to the final - read more here

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