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Wellbeing Charter

Our Wellbeing Charter below is our commitment to cultivate a supportive and nurturing environment that prioritises the mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing of our Trust community, fostering a culture of resilience, empathy, and holistic growth. 

As a Trust we commit to prioritising wellbeing by:

Ensuring all our schools are well led, well prepared and well equipped.

We prioritise the culture and climate of our schools to ensure that we all understand the connection between being happy, being healthy and successful learning.

Placing wellbeing at the heart of all decision making

We constantly strive to improve ways in which the voice of our staff, students and families is included in decision-making.

Including wellbeing in our induction and professional learning offer

We work to provide leaders with the tools, resources and training to support staff. We ensure that our staff are encouraged, and know how, to access appropriate guidance and support when they need it.

Supporting the reduction of unnecessary workload

We work proactively to reduce any unnecessary work, making use of the Workload Reduction Toolkit for schools. We encourage staff to share their reflections on this, knowing that some requests can have unintended consequences which need to be voiced.

Setting out clearly our communications policy

We are clear to all stakeholders on the importance of positive and constructive communication, particularly with our staff. We set out our expectations for how and when staff can be contacted and will address any behaviour which does not support this.

Holding ourselves accountable in upholding this Charter

We review the impact of this Charter by using recognised tools and metrics and we are transparent about the results. We monitor trends over time and respond where needed. 

Building a culture and ethos where people matter

Our mission underpins our practice and decision-making. We strive to ensure that all children and young people in our care are successful at school so that they can be successful in their lives. We want them to enjoy coming to school. For this to happen, our schools need to be great places to work where all staff feel that they can develop and grow. Our People Strategy and our EDI strategy is integral to this.

Wellbeing in our Schools

Our school Wellbeing Leads together with our Director of Sport, Physical Education and Wellbeing lead the wellbeing work in our schools. From specialist interventions to mental and physical wellbeing initiatives, each of our schools is committed to prioritising the wellbeing of their communities in a way that best suits their context and needs. 

Find out more about the wellbeing work in our schools: 

  • Haberdashers' Borough Academy
  • Haberdashers' Crayford Academy
  • Haberdashers' Crayford Primary
  • Haberdashers' Hatcham College
  • Haberdashers' Hatcham Free School 
  • Haberdashers' Hatcham Primary
  • Haberdashers' Knights Academy
  • Haberdashers' Knights Primary 
  • Haberdashers' Slade Green Primary 

Contact our Director of Sport, Physical Education and Wellbeing for further information at wellbeing@habstrustsouth.org.uk 

Wellbeing Research and Collaboration

We are proud to be working with a team of mental health professionals and researchers from King’s College London (KCL) and South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM) to better understand student mental health and wellbeing.

Research tells us that the mental health needs of children and young people have increased since the pandemic. But there are barriers to accessing support through child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) such as long waiting times.

To address this gap, this collaborative project aims to develop ways to offer effective wellbeing support in schools. A key part of the project is myJournE, a secure and safe web-based survey co-designed with young people and researchers at KCL. The survey contains questions about mood, worries, wellbeing, the school environment, and experiences of asking for help. The survey is designed to provide schools with information that they can use to tailor their wellbeing support to the needs of their students, working closely with the team at KCL and SLaM.

In 2024, the myJournE survey was completed by students and their parents/guardians at Haberdashers' Hatcham Primary and Haberdashers' Hatcham College, with a view to expand the survey across the Trust in the future.

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